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"If man is 5 and the devil is 6 then God is 7!" The grace of God starts with the number 5. The tribulation has started possibly.....777 is God's number....777 is God's perfect number. 777 is here.....

777 is calling from Zion. 777 is a big resounding YES! to the 2nd coming of Jesus. 7 years from now is 2012. Will this be our last president? Is the new pope the black pope and last pope? Whatever the questions may be....there is a spiritual awakening happening to some of us. Some of us did not invite this change either...this awakening of the spirit is outside of us and we can only submit to it and not run from it. Stop asking the wrong questions and wake up! Nothing is a coincidence and yes angels are talking to us through the television. It is so much easier not to believe is what I have learned in the past 7 months. If Jesus happens to offer his hand to you in your dream....take it! Do not be afraid of him like I was. The message given to me was to take his hand now. "Take his hand now." This has been my struggle everday now for the past year. There is an exorcism going on inside my soul. How base the devil can be. I never believed in the devil but his evil is all around us disguised in many forms. I have seen him crouch in fear when presented in the name of God and the only thing the devil could do was juvenile of him how cowardly of him. I am positive we will win but I'm not so positive as to when this will happen. I cannot wait any longer and waste my time trying to figure it out. I must be present...we must be present and ready. Are you ready? God's Army is calling.

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